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I just wanna be on the beach

Going to the beach today! :)) HIHIHIHI i swear i’ll catch up on the photo challenge thing when I get back from Batangas! :) Excited! WOOHHHHH SUMMER!



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Watch the Sun Rise

Take me with you on a long drive. Take me to the beach or somewhere new. It wouldn’t matter if it takes us all night to get there. We’ll take this chance to talk about our hopes and dreams. We’ll speak of our worst nightmares, too. We’ll share a few laughs here and there, while talking about the first band we saw, the last movie that made us cry,  the last song we danced to. We’ll watch the stars come out one by one, as the night broods. And if we take that long, we’ll watch the stars disappear one by one. When we get to the beach or anywhere else, we’ll take our little nook. Maybe we’ll lie down side by side. We’ll hold hands and talk about random things. Or maybe we’ll hold hands in silence. And we’ll wait.

When the sun begins to peek at us, we’ll sit up. I’ll put my head on your shoulder. You’ll put your arm around me. We’ll watch the sunrise, and smile at how far we’ve come.


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