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Thursdayyyyy 12-22-11

My block was planning to have a Christmas Party today. It got cancelled. :( So I really had nothing planned for the day. But when I woke up, my mom told me that we’re gonna do some Christmas shopping. =)) YAYYYYY! (pero bawal na daw ako bumili ng anything kasi ako pinakamagastos :| oh well)

After going around Glorietta, SM Makati, and Landmark, we decided to go to the Ayala Triangle Garden to watch the lights show. =)) [Sidenote: We went there after we had my brother’s birthday dinner nung Tuesday. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was almost 10pm na. So we didn’t get to watch it. :(]

So this time, naabutan na namin! :)) And while waiting, we took some pictures. =))

Sucky camera lang kasi dala namin aka my mom’s phooooone =)) And my brother, dakila sa pagpapanget sa pictures. Kainis :| hahaha

YAY LIGHTS! HAHA. AWESOME. I want to go again, pero sana with a better camera =)) 



(via exittoreality)