Day 187: Dream-catcher

I’ll be my own dream-catcher. 

Day 173: Impatient

I hate falling in line and waiting too long for something. And I call myself a UP graduate. :/

Day 123: Sign

I am not a big fan of signs. But right now, I ask the Universe, if it isn’t too much, to give me a sign. Is this ideal? :)

Day 6: Implode

I screw up a lot. And it scares me. Sometimes I think the next time I screw up will do me in. I might say something I can’t take back. Or I might do something that will haunt me for a long time. It’s like pushing the self destruct button. And in the end, it will be all my fault. You can never fix something entirely. You can pick up the pieces, but it won’t ever be the same.

What I hope is that I chose the right people to surround myself with, who won’t hate the fact that I screwed up as much as I did. :)

Day 3: Road Trip

It would be perfect if we had the chance to drive windows down somewhere quite far from all the stress. Drop everything and go away for a while. We won’t be sorely missed by everyone else anyway. Everyone’s caught up in their little bubble.

Take me with you on a long drive. Take me to the beach or somewhere new. It wouldn’t matter if it takes us all night to get there. We’ll take this chance to talk about our hopes and dreams. We’ll speak of our worst nightmares, too. We’ll share a few laughs here and there, while talking about the first band we saw, the last movie that made us cry,  the last song we danced to. We’ll watch the stars come out one by one, as the night broods. And if we take that long, we’ll watch the stars disappear one by one. When we get to the beach or anywhere else, we’ll take our little nook. Maybe we’ll lie down side by side. We’ll hold hands and talk about random things. Or maybe we’ll hold hands in silence. And we’ll wait.

Hihihi. New Year’s Eve! With Erin and Ethan! :)

Hihihi. New Year’s Eve! With Erin and Ethan! :)

First Day of the Year!

Rituals. We all have one whether we notice it or not.

I welcomed January 1, 2013 by jumping. Each jump fueled by the thought that I might grow a few inches this year. It’s one of those beliefs you carry with you from your childhood. It’s something that I still do every year, just because.

I spend every New Year’s with my family. And each celebration with them is slightly different from the last one as I grow older. Yes, we still watch fireworks light up the sky from our rooftop. We still stay up as late as we could. But there are a few changes. Every year there’s a new face added to our little crowd. And every year, I jump a little less for myself, more for the little kids who should grow up believing. Even if some beliefs are a bit silly. :)

Oh, and I don’t mind waking up to the noise of our little crowd the morning after :)

2012: The Year That Was Part 2!

Gig ng banda ni Sol with these people! :)


Clingieees! :3

Expo Trip x Binondo!

SP Primer! Galing!

Buddy Daaaate :)

Submission of Requirements :)

Group shot Bukseniors. Omg gradpic nilaaaa :)

Grad photoshoot ko with these people =)

Mema jaaaar

Sembreak Induction! Kitchen duties.

National Museum x Intramurooooooos!

Birthday ni Anna :)

Psych Wars!

IA! :)


Very baks Christmas!

Lantern! :)

Seniors Bonding!

Post-seniors bonding!! :)

Block 1 girls! :)

2012: The Year That Was Part 1!

These people <3


Euphoria: The Aftermaaaath!! :3 Buklovin’ at Viko’s Palace!

These girls! :)

Lingap Kamay!

Saying bye and congrats to Mandala XII friends!

Pico de Loro!


Summer Classes!

Trip to Intramuros! Getting lost with Georgia and then meeting up with R!! :))

Summer Induction!

SIKAT SP workshop!


Mind Museum Date ;)

Buklod Anniv Night!!

162! :)

So I read Eleven Minutes again. It was like an awakening of sorts. There are some books you have to go back to. Because there are books that teach you more when you read them again. :)

I probably should reread some of Paulo Coelho’s books. And other such books that I loved from the beginning. And maybe unearth those I didn’t appreciate before. :)